The Art Of Battletech

Battletech, a new turn-based tactics game based on the classic tabletop series, is pretty damn good! It helps that the game looks gorgeous, courtesy of some gorgeous 2D art and chunky mech models.

Watch Us Blow Up Giant Robots In Battletech

Battletech is a really good tactics game that combines giant mechs with XCOM. I’ve spent many hours building experimental robots and taking dangerous jobs to keep my mercenary corps afloat. Kotaku video producer Paul Tamayo was curious about the game, so I ran him through a mission to learn the…

Battletech Is Pretty Good

Battletech Is Pretty Good

Released on PC last week, Battletech is a new strategy/tactics game by Harebrained Schemes (Shadowrun). In the absolute simplest terms, it’s kinda like XCOM, only you’re in control of some giant lumbering mechs.