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Released on PC last week, Battletech is a new strategy/tactics game by Harebrained Schemes (Shadowrun). In the absolute simplest terms, it's kinda like XCOM, only you're in control of some giant lumbering mechs.


MechWarrior fans, roll out. This week is your time to shine, because BattleTech has arrived. Or will arrive. It's the latest mecha game from Jordan Weisman, who created the MechWarrior franchise.

But there's plenty to enjoy elsewhere: Fractured But Whole drops a brown note on the Switch; Death Road to Canada drops on all major platforms, and the adorable Swords of Ditto hits this week as well.


After the uncannily good press, everyone else will finally decide this week whether they want to spend some quality time with Dad Kratos.

But it's not just Sony who will be hogging the limelight this week: Nintendo's journey into the world of cardboard hits store shelves, Yakuza 6 drops as well, and there's a couple of quirky indies too.


It's been a little while since we heard anything about BATTLETECH, the turn-based mecha strategy from the makers of Shadowrun Returns and Shadowrun: Hong Kong. But some multiplayer gameplay popped up over the weekend, so let's check it out.


Echoing Mark's thoughts, I've a good feeling that quite a few of the year's best titles will be the ones that we simply haven't heard of. Take the Nintendo Switch: nobody knows what's landing on that this year. And then every year has little indies that pop up out of nowhere, like Stardew Valley last year, or Her Story the year before that.

With that in mind, here's the games that we do know about - and the ones I'm most excited for.


I was thinking about Starsiege, Heavy Gear and Mechwarrior earlier this week and lamenting the fact that mecha games have gone a little the way of the dodo. So it's good to see that Harebrained Schemes, makers of Shadowrun series, have a different view. And so do gamers.