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Isaiah "Triforce" Johnson, the Power Glove-wearing superfan whose attempts to start the 3DS launch line as early as Tuesday were thwarted by zealous security and suspicious cops, was in fact the first person in North America to be sold a Nintendo 3DS. Here he is receiving it at Best Buy's 3DS launch event in Union Square, New York City, from Reggie Fils-Aime, president of Nintendo of America, and Michael Vitelli, president, Americas, for Best Buy.


This guy has been waiting outside a New York City Best Buy since Tuesday, a one-man campout line waiting for the Nintendo 3DS. That is, until store security called the cops to shoo him off. Look, I don't mean to stir the pot, but we know what's going on here: It's because store security is white and this man wears a Power Glove in public.


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Michael Jordan isn't the only greatest-ever performer highlighting his sport's video game this year. Bret Hart and his inimitable Sharpshooter submission hold are playable with a bonus code you get for preordering THQ's Smackdown vs Raw 2011 from Best Buy.


Electronics retailer Best Buy has rolled out its new video game trade-in program nationwide, offering a $US20 gift card with select titles to help offset the fact that GameStop gives more credit on average.


Turns out Kratos wasn't acting out against innocent Best Buy employees because he wanted a copy of God of War III. He was just sick of hanging out in the story reading books, using the restroom, doing... laundry?