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The haunted-mansion horror game Betrayal at House on the Hill is an easy, irresistible pitch for board gamers: You explore a mansion, creepy stuff happens, you unearth possessed items, then somebody turns evil and y’all have to kill them or something. Last week, publisher Avalon Hill released Betrayal Legacy, a “campaign” style variant of the classic that’s played over 13 60-minute sessions. I’ve played two of them and it’s great so far.


Rob Daviau made a name for himself in the board gaming world with Risk Legacy. Since then, he's had a hand in the wildly successful Pandemic Legacy and a handful of other legacy games. These 'legacy' games feature on-going campaigns where players make permanent changes to the game as they play them, telling an emergent story.

Wizards of the Coast have just announced that Daviau has been working on Betrayal: Legacy, which adds the legacy gameplay mechanics to Betrayal At The House On The Hill


Last week, Wizards of the Coast reimagined their classic horror game Betrayal at House on the Hill in a Dungeons & Dragons high fantasy setting. Back in 2004, Betrayal captured the curiosity and fear that comes with crawling through a haunted mansion with mechanics that brilliantly mirrored its horror theme. Slowly and deliberately, players map out a mansion by opening its doors to any number of threats and mysteries, represented by flipping over random room tiles. As the game progresses, the mansion is revealed as a sprawling cluster of rooms that eventually become the hunting grounds for some ghostly danger out for blood.