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So there you are, minding your own business, when the CEO of Giant Game Publisher approaches you with an offer: he wants you to lead the development of a brand new entry in That First Person Shooter that he makes, and he wants you to make sure it's fun to play. How do you make sure it's fun to play?


The Black Glove, which is being made by ex-BioShock devs, looks like BioShock's zanier child, but it certainly doesn't play anything like it. For one, no guns. For two, space minotaurs. Three, it's about a surreal trans-dimensional 1920s theatre. It sounds really, really cool. And super weird.


When you look at Booker DeWitt — star of BioShock Infinite — on the cover of the game, you see a rugged man of action who won't take no guff from nobody. When you look at his face on this new action figure, you see something else.