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Remember the promo shorts before Blade Runner 2049 came out, and how one of them was a smashingly good anime from the maker of Samurai Champloo and Cowboy Bebop? Well, a full Blade Runner anime series just got greenlit.


This collection of cosplay shots from last year's sci-fi flick doesn't feature a single Deckard or Officer K. Instead, it's Denmark's Mai cosplaying as characters such as Joi and Luv.

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Blade Runner 2049 was a critical darling, getting a largely raving reception, but audiences didn't seem to reciprocate. The movie had lacklustre success, failing to bring in little more than half its budget in the US. And while it's done better overseas, director Denis Villeneuve is struggling to understand why the movie was such a box office disappointment - though it could be history repeating itself.

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Glittering lights. Neon decay. The overwhelming sense of being both overcrowded and half replaced by broken-down machines. The visionary design of futuristic Los Angeles is a centrepiece of Blade Runner's lasting appeal. But this new clip from the sequel takes us away of the familiar skyscrapers.