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Once upon a time I was an Idiot in Azeroth, now I'm an Idiot at Blizzcon. I'm in the belly of the beast, the heart of the swarm. This is the place where Blizzard fans congregate. This is their church and I'm confused and awed in equal measure...


Blizzard Entertainment's president and CEO Michael Morhaime began his presentation at the 2014 Blizzcon this afternoon by addressing some recent controversial events that have occurred in the gaming community. He didn't identify it as the Gamergate saga and everything that has happened around it, but come on: we all know what he was talking about, right?


During this year's China Digital Entertainment Expo, or China Joy, Blizzard held their annual Blizzard themed cosplay contest. And while China Joy's known for some rather revealing cosplay, the winner of Blizzard's event was covered head to toe. Not even her face was showing.