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So that was a bloodbath, to put it mildly. Kind of like an Overwatch tournament finals brought to you by Quentin Tarantino. Perhaps South Korea was favoured going into this match-up, especially after their triumphant march up through the rest of the bracket. But no one expected Russia to lose so easily, much less roll over and die.


Although competitive StarCraft is in decline, Blizzard is still trying to breathe some new life into its decades-old RTS series. During the company's keynote presentation yesterday at BlizzCon 2016, Blizzard's president, Michael Morhaime announced, announced new co-op missions and a new co-op commander would be added to the game on November 22. More unexpectedly, he also said that the company would be partnering with Google's DeepMind project to make StarCraft II a new frontier of competitive gaming AI research.


After a long and protracted ARG, the wait is finally over for Overwatch fans. Blizzcon is just around the corner, and with it the (probable) reveal of new hero, Sombra. And just ahead of the annual convention, the first official art has been found.


One of the big hopes for Blizzcon this year was a potential announcement on the status of legacy servers for World of Warcraft, otherwise known as vanilla WoW.

But it's not coming. In a post on the official forums, a Blizzard representative has confirmed that vanilla WoW won't enter the conversation until after Blizzcon.