blizzcon 2018

Overwatch Probably Won’t Get A Hero Wackier Than Wrecking Ball

There was a time, hard as it might be to remember, when Overwatch‘s wackiest hero was a peanut-butter-loving science ape from the moon. Earlier this year, however, he was usurped by a mech-piloting, robo-voiced, Thunderdome-battling hamster who’s also from the moon. How do you top that? Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan…

The WoW Classic Demo Is The Hell We Asked For

Chuck Norris references. Anal jokes. Killing two dozen raptors to harvest ten raptor heads. The Barrens. Shit, after two hours of the World of Warcraft Classic demo, I’m still in the Barrens. It’s an inescapable nightmare, which is to say it’s perfect.