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September marks the beginning of the AAA season in most years, and 2015 certainly didn't disappoint with some big finales, much-needed expansions and some odd releases.


Blood Bowl 2 has problems. Many problems, in fact, many of which are yet to be resolved. Cyanide, the developers, have issued four patches since the digital recreation of the tabletop game launched in September.

But the game is still missing many features that fans of the property, and the Chaos Edition re-release of the original, are demanding. Some of those features are still coming, according to a Steam update, although we won't know precisely when.


It's not a universal flaw. Not every developer is failing their fan base by failing to communicate. Many, in fact, are active and responsive with their players. But Blood Bowl 2 is a perfect example of precisely what can go wrong when you don't maintain a constant dialogue.


Who wants to see a dwarf beat the snot out of an elf with nothing but an empty tankard? Blood Bowl 2 will provide you that opportunity in just a few days, when the sequel arrives on 22 September. Based on Games Workshop's board game of the same name (minus the "2"), Blood Bowl 2 combines fantasy warfare with the bloodiest of ball sports.