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My background music of choice for any board game session is Lin-Manuel Miranda's How Far I'll Go, but I know not everyone's a fan. Heck, it's probably the last thing you want blasting during a tense session of Seasons or, er, Munchkin (great for SeaFall though). That's when Melodice comes to the rescue, a neat little site that will generate — and play — a selection of game-appropriate tunes.


Friends, I really don't need to play another game of Splendour as long as I live.

Every time my wife's family comes over for dinner, lunch or just to hang out generally it takes roughly 30 minutes to go from "how was your day?" to "hey, who wants to play Splendour?"

What board games do you play a lot? Help me out here, I'm looking for recommendations.


Just recently a colleague took a picture of their board game collection and mused, "What games should I bring?" It was a question for a board game night, but it made me think of the very reasonable question: what board games have you been playing lately?


You're at a party. It is not lit. It is so unlit you are likely to be eaten by a grue. You and your gamer friend exchange a knowing look: I would much rather be playing games.

She pulls out a phone, and pulls up Triple Agent. Hallelujah! Game on.


I've always loved board games. As a poor student, I would walk into Games Paradise on Pitt Street in the city just to be surrounded by shiny plastic-wrapped board games with expensive price tags.

Then one day, I discovered a secret. Next to the counter was a little nondescript display filled with small white envelopes, with price tags I could afford. Within, simple, black-and-white printed cardboard. Tape it together yourself into a game board, and bring your own pieces. Simple, cheap, genius. And that's how I met That's how I first met Kill Doctor Lucky.


It's no surprise that a comic book based on the classic whodunnit board game Clue is outlandishly silly — after all, just like the beloved movie, it's hard to take the fact you're an adaptation of a board game with any sense of seriousness. IDW's new Clue series rolls with that, and takes it a step further with several twists on top of its own twist.


Hand of Fate raised plenty of money on Kickstarter, and last time we checked in with the board game that was doing well on Kickstarter too. The campaign has since come to a close. Have a guess how well you think it did.


Wondering how humanity's last champion of Go, one of the most complex games of strategy ever devised by our species, fared against's Google all-conquering overlord?


Star Trek upped the classic board game stakes with three-dimensional chess, leaving others to ask the question "Where to from here?". Enterprising carpenter Ben Meyers has the answer — throw away the platonic solids and embrace the most pure of shapes: the sphere.