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The amount of people who tuned into the 24/7 Bob Ross marathon on Twitch was fascinating, but perhaps not quite as much as the realisation that soon followed. Bob Ross, as it turns out, is wonderfully compatible with the intense, volatile world of gaming, as Twitch Creative quickly gathered a legion of followers tuning in for a meditative session with some Prussian Blue and Sap Green.

But the spirit of Bob Ross has been living in video games for a long time. And it's perhaps best illustrated in Heaven & Earth, a puzzle game released in 1992 that's since been released as freeware.


I remember sitting in a hotel room, watching late night re-runs of Bob Ross painting shows. It was the perfect nightcap, a relaxing tonic to bring the evening to a close. His smooth, calming voice and the sight of a painting forming from scratch is just what you need to clear your head. It's the ideal primer before going to sleep, really.

The internet has been abuzz with the launch of Twitch Creative recently, and the constant repeats of Bob Ross to tens of thousands on the internet has been fascinating to watch. But perhaps the most magical part of it all has been observing the Twitch chat.