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Yesterday, at the exact moment Activision Blizzard chief executive officer Bobby Kotick hopped on a quarterly earnings call to inform shareholders that his company had just gone through a “record year,” employees across the publisher of Call of Duty, World of Warcraft and more were being brought into conference rooms and informed that they were losing their jobs.


Earlier this morning, Blizzard management began informing staff that employees would start being made redundant from today, with layoffs to affect the company worldwide. Around the same time, Activision Blizzard executives were holding an earnings call with investors, outlining more detail about the company's future strategy and the layoffs that were afoot.


To call Bobby Kotick's appearance in Moneyball a cameo is a bit of a misnomer. The Activision boss has two significant scenes and plenty of lines in the sports flick as Stephen Schott, the co-owner of the Oakland Athletics. It's not to say he plays much of a character, but he doesn't have to. He simply has to be what he is in real life.