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Unless you’ve got the world’s most powerful ad blocker, you’re probably painfully aware that it’s Prime Day, a holiday that Amazon made up because it could. Deals parade naked in the streets and the company hosts glitzy concerts, all to encourage Amazon Prime subscribers to stick around.

For the second year in a row, however, some Amazon warehouse workers are striking in the midst of all this; workers in Germany are striking over unfair pay, whereas workers in Minnesota are striking over unsafe working conditions. Amazon owns Twitch, and some streamers are boycotting the streaming platform as a show of solidarity. For other streamers, though, the situation isn’t so black and white.


Either Sony's gotta cut its price or the Danish kroner's gotta get a lot weaker against the dollar for the PSPgo's sake. It's listed at 2,000 DKK — or AU$454, one reason retailers there aren't stocking the thing.


Whatever your view is of these kinds of gestures - internet boycotts, petitions and such - Left 4 Dead might be the first critically acclaimed franchise whose announcement of a sequel was answered by nearly 10,000 fans pledging not to buy it.


Saint's Row 2 might be a very tongue-in-cheek take on the GTA-style sandbox genre, but the New York's police unions are taking the game very seriously indeed, calling for it to be pulled from store shelves because it glorifies the sort of things you should really only do in video games. New York's powerful police unions say that a violent new video game called "Saints Row 2" is an abomination. In the game, the player controls a gang member who can steal, do drugs and kill as many characters as possible, including police officers.