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The worst part of being confined to a medical scooter during BronyCon 2014 was not being able to get up and flail wildly during the two-night, 12-hour live concert that is BronyPalooza. Running from 8pm to 2am Friday and Saturday night, and featuring 16 different artists, BronyPalooza highlights the community's love of music, be it through songs directly from the cartoon, remixes of popular tunes from the show or completely original compositions.


On the very lower level of the Baltimore Convention Center is a large ballroom filled with My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic plushies, prints, toys, statues, comics, cards, clothes and -- most importantly -- people with a lot of money looking to offload some.


Just this silly little mouse pad. That's all nothing else. Well... see, I needed a mouse pad because the hotel I am staying at has glass-topped desks, so my laser mouse wasn't tracking. Thankfully one of the first booths I came across in the dealer's room sold mouse pads for $US15. The guy there seemed honestly surprised at my excitement.


Ponies are largely the focus here at BronyCon 2014 in Baltimore, Maryland, but they're also an accessory, a colourful ticket for fans of other elements of geek culture to join the party. They really do go with anything.