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  • Here’s Some Of The Best Multiplayer Maps Of All Time

    Here’s Some Of The Best Multiplayer Maps Of All Time

    If any multiplayer game is going to have any chance of success, then it needs one crucial element: quality levels. We all have our favourites — maps almost feel custom-built for the way you like to play, whether it be the long-range havens with narrow corridors for snipers, urban environments with tonnes of nooks and…

  • Is Vista Service Pack 1 Any Good For Games?

    Bit-tech went and asked itself this very question, considering no amount of tarot card reading, crystal ball gazing or deciphering of entrails would provide a reliable answer. To this end, the hardware review site not only reviewed Vista SP1, but vanilla Vista with hotfixes installed. This way, it could see whether SP1 was just a…

  • ACCC Shrugs Shoulders At Call of Duty 4 Steam Price Hike

    At some point during the crazy “Call of Duty 4 price hike on Steam” debacle, a community member over at Internode Games Network contacted the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) to see if it had anything to say. Over the weekend, the community member received a response from the body, and Internode Games Network…

  • Call of Duty 4 PC Demo Out Now

    No need to sign up to the Yahoos to grab a sampling of Infinity Ward’s modern day FPS. Activision has just sent word that you can download this 1.4GB badboy right now from Internode Games Network and BigPond GameArena. That’s a metric arseload of bytes to get, so start downloading now!