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Call of Duty: Black Ops III mixes the series' familiar first-person shooting with a wild cyberpunk storyline. The narrative breaks apart the further the player progress unless it finally explodes in a level that mixes World War II, zombies, and dying dreams. That level, Demon Within, is both the high point of the campaign and a horrifying cry for help from the game itself.


Because official screenshots wouldn't dare get us this close to Jeff Goldblum's majestic virtuosity, there is Theatre mode. Giving players free access to gameplay footage and virtual camera controls is nothing new -- games that pride themselves on their visual flair have been letting players show off their stuff for years. Perhaps one day it will be a standard feature in all 3D games.


I think in this day and age where Call of Duty has moved from being one thing to multiple things (Modern Warfare, Advanced Warfare, Black Ops) it's generally been accepted that Black Ops is probably the most interesting one, despite the fact Advanced Warfare has been pretty good.

So how are we all finding Black Ops III so far?