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Another year, another Call of Duty. Activision's roulette wheel landed on World War 2 for the latest incarnation and so, here we are with Honest Game Trailers' interpretation of the upcoming FPS. Sure, it's well-trodden ground, but then, so is the genre of historical shooters.


It was Sledgehammer's turn to take the latest military shooter franchise back to World War 2 this year, and over the weekend gamers on all platforms looked forward to slugging it out with bolt-action rifles and '40s era weaponry.

But throughout the weekend, the COD WW2 experience was miserable thanks to some horrific rubber banding.


We're a week away from the Xbox One X release, but we're also not that far removed from one of the biggest launch days of the year. So, naturally, things are a bit quieter this week. Except for the one game that never fails to make a bit of noise: Call of Duty.