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If you're a long-running StarCraft fan, chances are you'll remember this cute infestor that sounds like a 4-year-old making raspberry sounds. It wasn't a unit that ever actually existed: it was part of a parody animation series called StarCrafts.

But then the animation series went viral. Blizzard got on board, and then the mass of fans got so large that someone eventually started working on a mod. And as of today, you can now finally play StarCraft 2 the way it should be played -- with pudgy marines, zerglings you'd keep as a pet, and infestors that sound like 4-year-olds.


Video: Deckard Cain might not be a powerful hero of the Blizzard universe, but still, Diablo's fan favourite NPC is one of the most wanted characters for Heroes of the Storm. Carbot made an awesome animation playing with the idea of what the wise old man could do in a MOBA.


Diablo III turned two yesterday, and in honour of this moment, the always superb folks at Carbot Animations remade the game's original intro. Deckard Cain survives the meteor blast in this one too, but he's just as hopeless.