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The Consumer Electronics Show always provides a nice kickstart to the year when it comes to new technology, and true to form Gigabyte has come to the table with their latest line of gaming laptops.

The whole line has been refreshed with Intel's Skylake processors, but there are some other cool bells and whistles with their P57 gaming laptop that are worth paying attention to.


HTC announced late last year that their collaboration on virtual reality with Valve, the HTC Vive, would be delayed until April because of a major technical breakthrough. The companies have been showing off that breakthrough at this year's Consumer Electronics Show, and it turns out it's augmented reality.


We've already posted about how there will be one Australian team representing at next year's televised $1.6 million-plus E-League, the name of the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive league being built by Turner and the WME | IMG global agency.

But they're kicking off operations slightly before then, with news breaking early this morning that the league is partnering with FACEIT to hold a two-team exhibition for the Consumer Electronics Show.