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Mere days before 2016 comes to a close, Marvel's "winter" event series Civil War II has released its last issue. But Civil War II wasn't going to go down without at least adding a few more twists to the future of the Marvel Universe... and oh boy, did it add some.


It's only been about a year since we were ramping up to the arrival of Marvel's big comic shakeup in "All-New, All-Different" -- but here we are, days from the beginning of its next one: "Marvel Now" (not to be confused with the first "Marvel Now" that preceded "All-New, All-Different", mind you!). Not sure what's going on? Neither are we but, we'll try to help.


Marvel Comics loves throwing its superheroes against each other in flashy crossovers that shake up its fiction. But its latest tentpole event -- this year's Civil War II -- is struggling to keep us entertained or interested.


When superheroes are too busy punching each other in the face to deal with their usual enemies, what's a villain to do? In Wilson Fisk's case, it's going to be making as much money as he can while the heroes of the Marvel Universe are at each others throats, in a new Civil War II miniseries.