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Every big video game publisher plans out their marketing announcements meticulously, juggling dozens of bureaucratic balls every time it’s time for a new trailer or press release. When something interrupts those plans — like, say, Nintendo postponing a planned Nintendo Direct — weird things can happen.

Like three oddly-delivered Switch announcements including Final Fantasy 15 (Pocket Edition) and Civilization 6.


Civilization 6's Spring Update (the game likes to do things in American seasons) is now live, and while many of the changes it brings are just tweaks to various dials and figures, there are a few welcome new additions in there as well.


I have seen many reasons given by major publishers for the distribution of free content, but international currency discrepancies is a new one. Yet that's what is happening with Civilization 6, with 2K announcing a whole range of new stuff that's going to be given away free to owners of the game's Digital Deluxe edition.


One of the most annoying issues with Civ 6's AI since launch has been the severity of warmonger penalties. Raise a finger against another Civ ever, even in defence, and you're in trouble for the rest of the game. That's not very fair, so it's getting a fix.