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(Originally published May 11, 2008) May 1st 1980 I came home from school to find my mother waiting there for me, a giddy smile on her lips. She always loved birthdays. Back then we were living in an apartment, my younger sister and I sharing one room, my older brother and sister sometimes sharing another, and birthdays were the one time my mother, taking care of four children on child support and a modest income from the dancing school she ran, would really get to splurge on her kids.


I get the feeling I've seen this before somewhere, and the creator, dany32412 on Instructables, himself says it was inspired by another source. That's still a functioning Nintendo Entertainment System within a modified NES cartridge, which is a great novelty mod. The difference here is the original gamepads are supported.


Duck Hunt's erstwhile mallard joins two of its kin in flight for this mixed-media wall art, available via Etsy for $US120. The pixels forming the duck are quarter-inch tiles made from salvaged bok covers. The entire piece is 21 x 26 inches, sold framed with glass. Asshole Dog sold separately.


Fremont Street in Las Vegas is where you find the low rollers. The five-dollar tables and four-dollar steaks. It's a district with lower rents and higher ambitions, and that's where one gaming-themed bar is set to open later this year.