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If you want the simplest summation of how things are coming along with the gargantuan project that is Star Citizen, here's 45 minutes from Cloud Imperium Games' presentation at Gamescom without annoying commentary or bugs.


In a move that isn't hugely surprising given the developer's announced support for Linux and Windows 7, a Star Citizen developer has confirmed that the game will be dropping support for DirectX entirely going forward in favour of the Vulkan graphics renderer.


One of the coolest things I saw during the Elite: Dangerous was the way people were taking advantage of TrackIR to look around the various menus and sides of their ship. It looked awesome, but most importantly it looked incredibly natural. It looked like what you'd be doing in space.

Understandably, people have been calling for TrackIR to be officially supported in Star Citizen as well. There were workarounds to get it going before, but it hasn't been officially supported. But a Cloud Imperium Games developer has confirmed that it will be -- even if nobody is working on it right now.


The brewing battle between Derek Smart and Cloud Imperium Games has been amusing to watch, as much for the potential ramifications for Star Citizen and crowdfunded games as the barbs traded between both parties.

That's only ramped up recently with the publication of a letter from CIG's lawyers to Derek Smart's attorneys, which goes directly for the jugular by attacking Smart's record as a developer, credibility and truthfulness.


On September 17, 2013, Star Citizen director Chris Roberts wrote a public letter in celebration of a milestone achievement: He and his team had raised a whopping $US19 million from fans, significantly more than any other crowdfunding project in history.