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There are currently over 100,000 board games listed on Board Game Geek, the tabletop world's equivalent of IMDB. That's a lot to choose from. Wandering into your local department store is going to give your some truly disappointing choices and browsing your friendly local game store can be overwhelming. Here are some great board games that anyone from veteran to rookie can enjoy.


Board games are fun, but sometimes you have to share them with other people. Namely small children, at birthday parties and family gatherings, where they can't be avoided.

Fortunately, there's a range of board games that are just as good for adults as they are for kids. Some of them are mechanical; some of them require a bit more thinking power. Whatever takes your fancy, here's 10 games you can bust out when kids are around.


Most families have a battered copy of Monopoly stashed at the back of the linen closet that gets pulled out during the Christmas gathering. Don't play it.

Instead play one of these great games that are easy to learn, easy to play and - most importantly of all - really fun.


In the board game world, the North American convention season is mostly over. Gen Con saw a unique attendance of almost 62,000 people and had slightly over 400 new games. The upcoming convention at Essen, Germany in October already has a list of almost 600 new games, and it is not done yet. With so many new games, how do you, the discerning reader, know which games are good? Let me share with you the best five board games I have played so far in 2015.