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Lance McDonald is an Australian video game developer with a particular passion for coding in BASIC. He made an entire video game, Black Annnex, in almost pure QBASIC.

So it's safe to say he knows his stuff. But the real question here is - does Bob from Stranger Things? In that episode, in that scene - just how legit was it? Lance knows.


Android is the world's most popular mobile platform — so naturally, Android developers are always in hot demand. Now, before you can jump into the market and land a high-paying gig making apps for Android phones, you'll need to learn Android Nougat, the latest platform release. Thankfully, the Complete Android N Developer Course can get you up to speed with help from a highly-rated coding guru.


Don't let its micro-computer nature fool you: Raspberry Pi is one of the most powerful Internet of Things tools out there, and it offers a myriad programming and computing possibilities. Designed to be accessible and user-friendly, working with Raspberry Pi is a solid way to introduce yourself to the concepts of coding and app development, and the Raspberry Pi Mastery Bundle can help get you started.

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Once a week, for the past eight-odd years, I overhear it: "It's GIF, not JIF." "Actually, it's officially JIF." If the arguers are educated in the subject, they will rattle through their supporting arguments: It's JIF because its inventor says so and it's like "giraffe;" it's GIF because it stands for "graphics" and it's like "gift."


The tech sector is still going strong, and programmers are enjoying a golden age of increased demand and pay for their skills. Thanks to coding's newfound popularity, there's a way to break into the industry without spending years in school. With the Coding Powerhouse eBook Bundle, you can familiarize yourself with today's top programming languages for a fraction of the cost.


It's no secret that mastering a coding language or two can put you at the top of the job market. In the past, you'd have to sink a few years and a few grand in tuition to become a true coder, but thanks to the tech boom and the power of the web, you can elevate your programming skills straight from your computer.