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This is what a 700-piece Warhammer 40K (also known as Warhammer $40K) set looks like, all painted carefully by hand. The owner of the collection, a Korean Warhammer enthusiast, probably went through lots of pain to complete this set, but it's definitely worth all the time and money. It looks incredible.


Back in 2005, to combat the success of Koei's Dynasty Warriors series, Capcom released Sengoku BASARA on the PlayStation 2. Where Dynasty Warriors had always been focused on Chinese history, BASARA set out to do the same thing but with Japanese history.


Man. This collection. These photographs. Wow. This chap decided he was going to sell his entire retro games collection. It's up on e-bay now and, even if you have no intention of putting in a bid, it's worth checking out - just for the sheer spendour of it all.