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Controlling the field is a core tenet of any competition. Fighting games are about the footsies, League and Dota demand good positioning, shooters like Overwatch and Counter-Strike are as much about tactically holding or taking key areas as they are shooting accuracy. At a high-level, controlling the field of play is as important as play itself.


Splatoon 2 has been in Switch owners' hands for almost a full week, as squeaky-clean newcomers and grizzled ink veterans alike have been tearing through countless turf wars. While the battles rage on, we wanted to chat with some top-level players to get their assessment of the sequel: What's the best tool for inking? What's been the best improvement, and what does the game still need?


Overwatch's 3 vs. 3 elimination mode, out since November, turns on its head everything we know about team composition. Heroes beloved in 6 vs. 6 Quick Play and Competitive modes, like Lucio and Torbjorn, are damn near useless in 3 vs. 3, where your priorities are a bit different.