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Thanks to everyone who came out to last week's annual io9 + Kotaku Cosplay Ball during New York Comic Con! It was packed with great cosplayers -- to the point that not everyone who showed up could get in (to be fair, we throw a hell of a party). Luckily, we have a massive gallery of those well-dressed souls who attended for everyone who couldn't attend.


Last week we held our first ever cosplay ball in New York. It was great. Loads of cool people, loads of amazing outfits. Here are some photos to make you wish you were there (unless you were there, in which case, thanks for coming!).


Hey look, it's the guy from Hotline Miami! Great outfit, huh? But what probably actually drew your eye in the above shot is another awesome, massive Reinhardt outfit, which stole the show at our recent io9/Kotaku Cosplay Ball. Not that there wasn't other terrific Overwatch cosplay, because of course there was.