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Not only is Andy Sum a co-founder and director at Hipster Whale, the studio behind hit mobile game Crossy Road, he also made the ear-shattering GAME OF THE YEAR: 420BLAZEIT.

So it makes perfect sense that the Australian developer who's normally too scared to play horror games is making a psychological horror game of his own. As much sense as you would expect from the mind behind 420BLAZEIT.


The power of YouTubers, streamers and personalities with gigantic social media followings is better starting to be better appreciated by the wider world of gaming. But one area where a clear disconnect remains is the realm of mobile gaming.

Developers and publishers are still investigating how the power of that social footprint can be harnessed for mobile games. And Disney thinks it has an idea.


You may remember late last week a little viral video going around: The Chicken vs Donald Duck. A short little video showing Donald Duck getting run over in Crossy Road.

Turns out that was just a little teaser. Disney Crossy Road is a thing that is happening. In fact it's already happened.


Matt Hall is, by almost every definition of the word, 'successful'. 50 million downloads and $10 million later, Crossy Road is probably his most high profile success, but it's one of many. Of the seven games Matt has released on iOS a mind-boggling five have made it to the number one spot.

How does he do it? Well, he has a few rules and he follows them to the letter.


Hipster Whale knows a pretty great game when it sees one. With over 90 million downloads in six months, Crossy Road came, conquered, and became the Lord of all it surveyed. We are but its humble servants. Now, Hipster Whale is paying it forward with a $500,000 investment in fellow local startup Prettygreat Games.


Crossy Road is the quintessential Australian mobile success story. It's the latest in a long-ish line of mega-successful iOS games like Fruit Ninja and Flight Control. It's also one of my favourite mobile games of 2014. Here's something I didn't realise: it has a goddamn Drop Bear in it.


Crossy Road is, in the common parlance, my jam. It's my mobile game of choice when I have five minutes to kill and most like will be for the foreseeable future. For the folks who have been constantly asking me when the game comes out on Android?

That time is now.


First thing's first -- if you haven't yet played Crossy Road, the endless Frogger, you need to. It's a simple, free iOS game in which you hop as far as you can, dodging trains, cars, and using floating logs to get across rivers. Here are some tips to help you play better.