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Even though Dark Nights: Metal is arguably one of the most important stories that DC is currently telling, it can be a little difficult to follow, especially given the event's many evil, alt-universe Batmen and their tie-in comics. But Metal has gotten to a point where it makes sense to look back at what's happened so far - and how all these extremely Dark Knights came to be.


Earlier this week, DC Comics revealed a major, incredibly unexpected return of a character that many fans thought they'd never see again, thanks to the final page of Dark Nights: Metal #1. It was definitely a shocking moment in a comics event that's been promising to be a bonkers exploration of the DC mythos for a while now. But I'm here to tell you: This comic is so much crazier than you're imagining.


Between a series cryptic teaser images and an even more difficult to parse prelude comic, we knew that DC's upcoming Dark Nights: Metal series was going to involve dark, alternate reality versions of the Justice League. But we had no idea they would all be quite this twisted -- or that they were all going to be half Batman.