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Just a minute! Don't go to Steam. You'll only see a full-price Dark Souls 3. What you need to do is point your browser to Humble Bundle's place of business instead, helpfully labelled the Humble Store. That's where you'll find From Software's punishing action title for a sweet $US23.99 ($30).


I've written about Australian Dark Souls expert VaatiVidya so many times on Kotaku that I've ran out of ways to say how great he is.

So just take it as gospel: he is awesome. He's very good at what he does.

What does he do? Unlocks the many secrets of Dark Souls games.


As someone who writes about video games for a living, I tend to get copies of games early. That includes From Software game like Bloodborne and Dark Souls.

This is good, but it's also super awesome when everyone else gets to jump on board with you. The only thing more rewarding than playing these games is talking about it.

How are you finding Dark Souls III so far?


If it wasn't for VaatiVidya you'd be able to write everything I know about the plot of Dark Souls on one single post-it note.

This man is the Cliff Notes of Dark Souls and he's back again with a really, super helpful list of new mechanics in Dark Souls III. Stuff that will genuinely enhance your playthrough of the game. I highly recommend watching this.