dawn of war ii

  • Dawn of War II Dumps Games For Windows Live, Comes At A Price

    Microsoft’s decision to drop its troubled Games For Windows Live service continues to have ramifications on titles that implemented the technology and must now un-implement it, lest they become unplayable relics of another, more infuriating time. The latest victim is Relic’s Dawn of War II, which expunged itself of GFWL a few days ago. Unfortunately,…

  • WIN! Dawn Of War II And Limited Edition T-Shirt

    Today is your last chance to enter the Dawn Of War II comp and be in the running to win the PC game and the ultra-exclusive Warhammer 40K t-shirt. Have you got your joke ready? Head over to the original post and leave it in the comments.

  • Want Some New Gear For Dawn Of War II?

    If you’ve picked up Dawn Of War II, perhaps you’d be interested in some new kit for your Space Marines. THQ has flicked us the download codes for five sets of “War Gear”, ie exclusive loadouts for your dudes not found in the retail game. We’ve got ten lots of the codes to give away.…