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Days Gone might not be coming out this year. If you're still hanging out for Bend's open-world zombie game, however, here's 16 minutes of fresh footage to savour.


Yesterday, I checked out a handful of upcoming PlayStation games and finally got to play Days Gone. Zombie apocalypses seem a dime a dozen these days, and while the setting and characters felt generic, the teeming zombie hordes are some of the most terrifying I’ve ever faced.


The developers of Days Gone spent nearly three months developing their big E3 demo, but it wasn't just for sizzle. The game's creative director says building the demo helped them figure out whether parts of their zombie game were actually fun to play.


Days Gone looked great at E3, but was the victim of one of the few misfires at Sony's E3 conference. They showed the trailer at the start, then inexplicably showed gameplay an hour later, right at the end of the presentation.

This 15 minute demo is an expanded version of that footage, and it provides a more in-depth insight into what you'll be doing in Days Gone.