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The 28th annual GLAAD awards highlighting the representation of LGBTQ community in media have been announced this morning, and it's a strong year for genre nominations, especially in comics, with 10 series from the past year earning recognition. That's five more comics nominated than last year, a welcome indication that comics are improving in this regard.


For the past few years, DC has had an ongoing project in the US to "draw the line" at keeping many of its comics at the $US2.99 ($4) price point — but for a bulk of its DC Rebirth titles, that line is about to be crossed. The reason for crossing it, however, is at least a somewhat positive one.


Harleen Quinzel might just be the most famous example of a comic book icon who wasn't actually made for the comics she stars in — but her co-creator, Paul Dini, has written several comics starring the character since she first debuted in Batman: The Animated Series over two decades ago. But now, Dini is returning to Harley with a new set of stories for one of his most famous creations.