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Earlier this week, DC Comics revealed a major, incredibly unexpected return of a character that many fans thought they'd never see again, thanks to the final page of Dark Nights: Metal #1. It was definitely a shocking moment in a comics event that's been promising to be a bonkers exploration of the DC mythos for a while now. But I'm here to tell you: This comic is so much crazier than you're imagining.


Very few things in the world excited us as much as the news that the cruelly truncated Young Justice would be returning for a third season in 2018 on a new DC streaming service. The announcement was light on details, but thanks to a crowded early morning panel at San Diego Comic-Con we now know that the season will be 26 episodes long and introduce three new members of the team.


The series of events that led to Duke Thomas becoming a masked vigilante were shaped by tragedy and pain, but like most of Bruce Wayne's young proteges, the traumas of his past are what drives him to patrol Gotham's dangerous streets. Following the events of We Are Robin, Duke gave up being Robin to stand by Batman's side as a new kind of bat-themed hero — and now he's getting a chance to stand alone.