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  • The Timer Makes Dead Rising 2’s Zombies A Threat

    The Timer Makes Dead Rising 2’s Zombies A Threat

    Games have a zombie problem. They can be your basic slow shamblers or your fast berserkers, but whatever variation appears in a game, zombies are little more than mindless pinatas meant to be killed in large numbers. Zombies are rarely a challenge to fight on an intellectual level, and an enemy that doesn’t get players…

  • Five Great New Ways To Kill Dead Rising Zombies

    I learned new lessons in the art of zombie-killing in a noisy hotel suite in New York City yesterday. My textbook was the upcoming video game Dead Rising 2: Off the Record. In it, Dead Rising hero Frank West tests new, creative weighs to slice, freeze, melt and crush zombies. I learned a lot playing…

  • The Proper Difficulty For A Dead Rising Game

    Dead Rising games have always been difficult, but gamers haven’t always been happy about that. What’s a fair way to make a game tough, and what isn’t? With each new Dead Rising release, the game creators at Capcom have been tweaking their answer and reconsidering what players want.