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Splatoon 2 was one of the pillars for the Switch when Nintendo announced the hybrid console, and by the end of this week it'll finally be out. So if you want to get your Splat on, here's where you can find the cheapest copies in Australia.

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They say size matters - and when it comes to TVs, that adage definitely holds true. If 65 inches just isn't cutting it anymore, Kogan has an offer that's well worth checking out.

For a limited time, you can get its gargantuan 75-inch 4K LED TV for just $1999. That's like, 25 bucks an inch! Here are the details.


Streaming sites like Netflix and Hulu are king for streaming your favorite shows on demand, but their reach is limited when you're travelling abroad. Due to those pesky geo-restrictions, certain shows and content could be blocked depending on where you travel, putting a damper on your Netflix and chill plans. That's where Getflix comes in.


It's no secret the web is filled with shady folks eager to take a peek at your sensitive information. Of course, you can shut them out by using a VPN, but what good does that do you when it slows your browsing speed to a crawl? That's where HideMyAss! VPN is different, and two-year subscriptions are on sale for over half-off.


The tech sector is still going strong, and programmers are enjoying a golden age of increased demand and pay for their skills. Thanks to coding's newfound popularity, there's a way to break into the industry without spending years in school. With the Coding Powerhouse eBook Bundle, you can familiarize yourself with today's top programming languages for a fraction of the cost.


From first-person shooters to role-playing games, Steam is host to thousands of gaming hits across just about every genre — but finding the ones that fit your style can be a challenge amidst all the clutter. That's why Ubercrate is such a solid choice for gamers looking to experiment (and save some dough in the process).