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Trying to bulk up your PS4 collection — including the addition of an actual PS4? Sony's just kicked off its "Days of Play" sale, which runs from June 8 to 18 and several vendors are getting stuck into the discounting fun. Right off the bat, JB Hi-Fi has some cracking deals, with top-shelf games going for as little as $19.


High-profile hacks and data breaches are wreaking havoc on networks in the public and private sector, but there's still hope.

Trained to use a cyber criminal's tools against them, ethical hackers make a living patching up network vulnerabilities before cyber criminals can exploit them, and you can learn their tools of the trade with The Ethical Hacking A to Z Bundle, on sale for $38 ($US29).


Stardock's sci-fi 4X Galactic Civilizations II might be a little long in the tooth (especially as GalCiv III is a thing), but even 11 years on from its release, it remains a solid offering in the genre. Still, I can understand why you might pass on it at $US19.99 ($26)... but what about zero dollars?


There's nothing wrong with enjoying free Wi-Fi, but if you're doing so without a VPN, you could be exposing yourself to a host of hacking risks. And, while the web is filled with VPN solutions, few can match the security features that NordVPN brings to the table. Two-year subscriptions are on sale today for $90 ($US69).


It's just the base game, but the base XCOM 2 is still a cracker of a strategy game. And until early tomorrow, you can grab it for just under $21.


Heads up people: cheap Japan flights are on the table once again. And instead of going through Jetstar, these deals are with Qantas direct, allowing people to fly to Osaka, Tokyo, Fukuoka, or Sapporo for bugger all.