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If you've ever laid your hands on a video game controller, chances are you've entertained the idea of creating your own video games. However, many of us quickly abandon the idea, as the thought of learning coding, animation, and a host of development tools sends us running for the hills.

But, the truth is that game development isn't as complicated as it seems - provided you have the right training.


Back when everyone was trying to make ends meet through Kickstarter, Satellite Reign was one of the few Aussie games that had massive success. It also happened to be a lot of fun, and its smarter take on the Syndicate formula is available today for the sweet price of nothing.


Video games used to be full to the brim with hard as nails, fist-through-monitor rage inducing puzzle games. That happens a lot less these days, but if you'd like an experience that makes you feel really dumb, there's a big discount on The Witness right now.


From digital assistants that recognize our voices to music apps that learn what tunes we like, today's tech innovations are straddling the lines between science and fiction, and we have artificial intelligence (AI) to thank for that.

Of course, these breakthroughs are only the beginning, and it's not too late to get in on the ground floor of this emerging field.


If you've ever traveled overseas, you've likely discovered that accessing sites like Netflix and Hulu isn't always possible. With geo-restrictions imposed in many countries outside the U.S., it's difficult to keep up with your favorite shows abroad--unless you're sporting the right software. Getflix lets you sidestep these restrictions while surfing at peak speeds, and lifetime plans are available for over 90 percent off.


Been holding out on the Switch until it gets cheaper? Then here's the best deal you'll see in a while: a neon-coloured Switch for just over $380, shipping included.


Tdevelopment space is amazingly accessible for new indie developers. However, finding their games isn't always as easy as a simple search on Steam. Dropleaf is a subscription-based service that supports indie developers and lets you play their games for a single, low price, and today six-month plans are on sale for more than 60% off their usual price.