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Chances are if you've spent any time behind a video game controller, you've considered creating your own game.

Video game development is a competitive field, but it’s not impossible to break into, and your love of the game can take you far.

The School of Game Design library is the perfect resource for getting started on your game creation dreams.


It's not exactly a fire sale, but there are some sweet bargains to be had at the moment on Nintendo's eShop. So, if the weekend's looking grim on the gaming front, check out the discounts and turn that frown upside down... or at least reorientate it in a more skywards direction.


Two things have rather conveniently combined today. The first is a rebranding of a long-running Aussie publisher, with Surprise Attack today reforming as Fellow Traveller. To mark the occasion, Green Man Gaming are discounting a raft of Aussie indies, including Crawl, Hacknet, and FRAMED.


Amazon Prime Day is here! What is Amazon Prime Day, you ask? It's a day full of deals from our favourite online mega-retail, rewarding their loyal subscribers with a day and a half of deals: and now Australians can get in on the action. And don't worry: even if you aren't subscribed to Amazon Prime you can still pick up these deals.


Python is arguably one of the best languages for new programmers to learn, but if you’re jumping on the developing wagon now, becoming Python-fluent can seem intimidating, especially given its increasing involvement in complex AI and machine learning applications.

With the Total Python Machine Learning Bundle, you’ll learn how Python makes today's AI innovations tick without getting lost in walls of code, and it's available today for a price you pick.


Creating a stunning video to showcase your new product or brand is one of the best ways to grab a potential customer’s attention.

Large companies can afford design teams or the best freelancers, but if you’re just starting out at your own business, you probably won't have the same options available.

However, that's not to say you can't create your own video content. Videobolt Pro gives even complete novices the tools to create gripping videos, and lifetime subscriptions are on sale today.