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It's deals time. As is customary every November, retailers discounting all manner of games, phones, electronics, board games, you name it. Click Frenzy kicks things off this evening, but there's plenty of sales later this week with Black Friday and Cyber Monday around the corner. As for Click Frenzy, here's the best of the bunch.


Spyro the Dragon is back in Spyro Reignited Trilogy, a remastered edition of the original trilogy for PS4 and Xbox One. While initially set to release back in September the game was delayed until November in order to complete the final touches developers Toys For Bob wanted.


It's that time of year again, when people watch horror movies and prepare to shit themselves under the guise of enjoyment. If you are that person, or you've cleverly convinced someone to go on this journey with you, I have the perfect accompaniment: Alien Isolation.

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Sturgeon's Law dictates that 90 per cent of everything is crap. In the case of anime, 99.9 per cent would be nearer the mark. A lot of this stuff is nonsensical, over whimsical and/or uncomfortably violent and pervy. But just like every other genre, there are some absolute gems hidden amongst the refuse that deserve to be cherished by all.

Here are 11 anime classics that you should definitely take a chance on - and they're all on sale right now at Amazon!


Beginning programmers often feel they have to specialise too quickly, and then get burned out right away on a single niche.

The truth is, most of the skills you learn at the start of your development journey will be cross-transferable, and you’ve got to explore your options before you zero in on your passion.