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Hand of Fate is a unique hybrid of deck-building card adventure and action role-playing game that came out of nowhere to become one of my favourite games of 2015. Hand of Fate 2 improves upon the original in every way.


Hand of Fate raised plenty of money on Kickstarter, and last time we checked in with the board game that was doing well on Kickstarter too. The campaign has since come to a close. Have a guess how well you think it did.


When companies act against the interests of consumers, it makes sense for consumers to boycott those companies. The same is true when companies decide to take anti-developer positions. It only makes sense for developers to avoid those companies as partners, publishers and platforms.

Zenimax, the parent company of Bethesda (who make Fallout, Elder Scrolls, Dishonoured and more), has been engaged in a half billion dollar lawsuit with Facebook over the origins of the Oculus technology. There’s some details about it here, but suffice to say it’s all been ugly and unreasonable to date.


Australia no longer has a foot in the AAA industry, so it's natural that our video games wouldn't take the sideways step into other mediums or properties.

But every now and again, you get a surprise. And one such surprise at PAX Australia came from Defiant Development and Rule & Make, who have joined forces to turn the charismatic indie into a board game.


Take one part deck-building card game, add one part Choose Your Own Adventure novel, and shuffle with a little light action combat -- that's the deck composition of Hand of Fate, a unique twist on card-based role-playing now available on Steam and PlayStation 4.