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Desura was once listed alongside Steam and GOG as one of the better places you could buy games online. Over the last few years the brand, which also includes Indie Royale, exchanged hands a few times, before ending up with Bad Juju Games. Sadly, this is where the situation devolved, with Bad Juju failing to pay developers before itself going bankrupt. Now, an outfit called OnePlay has swooped on Desura's assets, with plans afoot to bring it back to life.


You'd think this would be the kind of functionality that was built into each of the various digital distribution platforms. But as it turns out, they actually leave an awful lot of junk lying around on your hard drive.

And it's not just Steam. Uplay, Origin, GOG Galaxy, Desura -- they all do it. So someone's trying to get a tool Greenlit that will clear all that junk out.