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Left: Nightmare orifice. Right: Mutant lobsters.  (Screenshot: Devolver Digital)

Carrion’s Switch Icon Is Less Horrible Now

Phobia Game Studio’s Carrion is a cool little game in which players terrorize scientists as a hideous tentacled monster. It used to have a Switch game icon that looked like a grotesque body opening. Now its icon looks like mutant lobsters at play. It’s a definite improvement.

I play many different genres.  (Screenshot: Nintendo)

Carrion’s Current Switch Icon Is A Monster Vagina

Phobia Game Studio’s Carrion, out today for Switch, Xbox One, and PC, is a nifty “reverse horror” game in which players control a terrifying alien monster stalking a remote science outpost. Its Switch icon is a pretty gory-looking vagina suspended by meaty tentacles. It’s due to be changed soon.