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They have been called many things over the years. Isometric RPGs, hack'n'slash RPGs, ARPGs, Diablo clones. But one thing is certain: They wouldn't exist if Diablo didn't come out in 1996. Diablo and its sequels spawned a whole catalogue of isometric action RPGs.


With its unique ability to transmute items into new ones, the Horadric Cube was one of the most useful and iconic items in Diablo II. And while Diablo III had no item like this so far, that will change in an upcoming content patch.


Original design plans for Diablo III involved an MMORPG-like chatroom that would replace the menu-based Battle.net interface, says Diablo co-creator David Brevik. Instead of just scrolling through chatrooms, you'd cross through towns and interact with players by trading and selling items.


On the eve of the release of Diablo III, I've been hearing chatter about the great Diablo series from office colleagues who I didn't even realise were fans. It turns out, for example, that Greg from finance not only loves Diablo, but he used scam people in it. Today, the man who pays me is reformed (thank goodness!) and wants to warn you about the kind of shady dealings that occur in games like these.


College is all about getting exposure to new ideas and experiences. For me, after I made friends with a couple of PC gamers my sophomore year, those experiences began to include countless new games. We routinely played Worms Armageddon or Heroes of Might and Magic III (hot-seat mode on both) until dawn and then kept going through the next day until somebody finally won.


Ten years ago today, Blizzard unleashed a second helping of hell on PC gamers. A decade later we're still waiting on a sequel. Let's celebrate ten years of Diablo II, while poking Blizzard to hurry up with the third game.