• Why DirectStorage Will Be A Game-Changer For Windows 11

    Why DirectStorage Will Be A Game-Changer For Windows 11

    Windows 11 is on the way, bringing with it a fresh design and eliminating some features while adding new ones. One of the technologies that Microsoft’s next operating system is bringing with it is DirectStorage, promising super-fast loading times for next-gen SSD storage. Here’s everything you need to know about the tech before it arrives.

  • Valve: With The Rise Of Vulkan, Why Bother With DirectX 12?

    The next few years are going to be interesting for 3D graphics APIs. With Microsoft’s DirectX 12 (or more accurately, Direct3D 12) and Khronos’ Vulkan on the horizon, both offering lower driver overhead and “to the metal” access to hardware, developers will have more headroom than ever to build resplendent (and hopefully fun) games. Which…

  • This Is How A Single Frame Is Rendered In A Modern 3D Engine

    There’s something to be said for mystery. Maybe you don’t want to know how games transform textures, models and shaders into the final image you see, lest the magic be banished forever. For the rest of us, this breakdown of a single frame from Deus Ex: Human Revolution is a fascinating look behind the scenes…