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People with disabilities can feel socially isolated and - as games become a greater force for socialisation in our world - AbleGamers helps give those people the tools to play with their friends.


Since last weekend, Overwatch console players have flooded forums with denunciations of so-called "cheaters" who play with a mouse and keyboard set-up. That way, they will nail the headshots and swift movements that console players must work hard to master. Players stuck with the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 controllers call mouse and keyboard conversion devices an unfair advantage. But gamers with disabilities call it a crucial tool.

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As well as getting traditionally lazy, couch-bound gamers out into the real world to rack up steps on their fitness trackers, the world's most newly-popular mobile game could be doing some genuine good to build social skills and interpersonal relationships. Craig Smith, an educator, researcher and autism expert, has built a guide for parents to use to educate their children using Pokemon GO outside of the classroom, or for people with autism to expand their horizons, with a focus on the game's real world interactions.


Three Monkeys is a game without visuals. No dynamic lighting. No subsurface scattering. Not a sprite to be seen. It's also a semi-open, first-person RPG. For junior developers Incus Games, that has to be daunting. Why not make a pixel art platformer and leave it at that?