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I'm utterly jealous of anyone who has yet to play Divinity: Original Sin, particularly in co-op. With the Enhanced Edition out and about -- and half-price on Steam right now -- you can enjoy the game, all fresh and new, but with so many extra bells and whistles you could open a store in Shiny Noisy Town on Bling Avenue and make a killing.


I've been innately curious to see what Larian Studios would do with the console release of Divinity: Original Sin, hoping in the back of my mind that the improvements added in the Enhanced Edition would result in a Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls-esque situation. The prospect of playing and enjoying a hardcore cRPG on my couch, but with a controller, has a certain allure that I can't get away from.

Today, Larian pushed out a video showing some of the comparisons between the original D:OS and the Enhanced Edition -- and it's looking pretty nifty on consoles.