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Every time the topic comes up, I always get the same response. "I can't believe you like cricket," Mark says. I've sat next to him for a year, and it's almost the same reaction, the same stunned. Cricket. You. Cricket.

You monster.

It morphed from a smile into a laugh when he looked at my Steam library, and the number above Don Bradman Cricket 14: 383 hours.

That's more time than Mark has spent on Dark Souls. It's more time than some put into video games in a single year. And it's certainly more time than most would consider sane for a sport that has been likened to watching paint dry. But there's a good reason why I've toiled away for hours watching leather on willow. Several, in fact.


Australia has a long, proud history of making video games extending back to the (figurative) dawn of time. But while plenty of gamers will remember the days of Shane Warne Cricket and our contributions to much more serious genres (like Dark Reign and Krush, Kill N Destroy), contributions over the last couple of years are sometimes forgotten.

So to help celebrate our national day of not being at work and generally overeating, here's a look at 7 of the best Australian games of recent times.