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The non-linear story helped make The Last Express one of the best adventure games of the 90's, but it wasn't the only reason. There was an incredible amount of work behind the scenes with bluescreens, actors and heavy stylised makeup, all of which was necessary to pull off the game's look.


It's one of the American writer's best works and, for my money, was one of the creepier point-and-click adventure games in the 1990's. That game is I Have No Mouth, And I Must Scream, the digital re-creation of Harlan Ellison's short novel.

It launched in the mid 1990's and a couple of years ago got a fresh coat of paint and a second wind courtesy of re-releases on Steam and Good Old Games. But now the creepy adventure is getting ported to the platform where it might have its best chance of success yet: mobiles.