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After an intriguing but worryingly barebones launch in March 2018, Rare’s ambitious pirate opus Sea of Thieves found itself lost at sea. There just wasn’t enough for players to do, causing many to fear that the game would never live up to its potential. Late last year, that began to change.

Now, Sea of Thieves is improbably scaling Twitch’s mast, getting closer to the top every day.


The relative entertainment value of all sports can, believe it or not, be boiled down to a single question: are competitors playing to win, or are they only playing to not lose? PUBG's tournament rule set, unfortunately, leaves a lot of room for the latter, which put a damper on a recent tournament full of Twitch stars.


After nearly two months out of action in the wake of an on-stream confession of infidelity to his wife, popular streamer Dr Disrespect returned to Twitch.

In the process, he pulled in hundreds of thousands of viewers, thousands of dollars in donations, as well as a chat that vomited memes with rabid excitement. He also made references to his wife, though she did not physically appear on stream.