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For years since news of its cancellation, rumours have circulated about the supposedly "Awakening-sized" Dragon Age II expansion, Exalted March. The most widely held belief was that it had been cancelled due to Dragon Age II's poor reception, but as it turns out that assumption is false. Mike Laidlaw laid all (or at least, some) secrets bare for curious fans in a series of tweets earlier today.


BioWare's Dragon Age franchise, like its science fiction spiritual sibling Mass Effect, creates a great deal of passion among its fans. And also like its sci-fi sib, the Dragon Age games attract an enormous amount of controversy and dissent among those same fans.


At NYCC last weekend, BioWare was in attendance talking about the upcoming Dragon Age comic series, which will follow Alistair, Isabella, and Varric as they perform some sleuthing into Alistair's past. Well then, that's three of my favourite characters doing stuff that certainly sounds fun. I'd love to see how virginal Alistair and worldly Isabella get on in particular.


This dog is an entrant in a character costume contest being run by the people at BioWare, makers of Mass Effect, Knights of the Old Republic and other video games that include terrific characters. The dog, however, is cosplaying as a Mabari from the Dragon Age games.


Dragon Age 2 is the latest story driven RPG from Bioware, and is due for release in March 2011. Earlier this week we managed to spend some time with the game. We took the opportunity to quiz producer Heather Rabatich on the importance of story, and why Bioware is one of the few studios that truly allows writers to drive the development process.