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Here is how I play Minecraft: Step one: find a tree. Step two: build a house. Step three: walk in one direction for five minutes. Step four: get bored, turn off the game. If only there was something like Minecraft, but with tangible goals. And if only it was also… a JRPG?


With Monster Hunter World and Dragon Ball FighterZ out of the way, things are settling down for a week or two. But if you're in need of something to play, there's always the Shadow of the Colossus remake, which drops on Wednesday. Kids will also enjoy the Dragon Quest take on Minecraft with Dragon Quest Builders, and Card Crawl looks like a fun alternative for anyone who enjoyed Hand of Fate.


For years now, people have been building amazing creations in Minecraft. But in Japan, people don't need Minecraft to make cool constructions. Thank Minecraft clone, Dragon Quest Builders for that.


Right now, there is a giant Dragon Quest mural up in Tokyo's Shinjuku. It's apparently made completely from Diablock, which are basically Japanese LEGO. The blocks look like pixels, so if you are going to make a Dragon Quest mural, do it like this.