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As relaxing as turning the pages of a comic book can be, it’s increasingly common for people to do the vast majority of their reading on the glowing electronic screens we carry with us at all times. And if they’re already online, a person might soon find themselves drawn elsewhere — deeper into the digital rabbit hole of the internet that’s just a few taps away.


2017 has been an absolute insane year for incredible game releases. So many that I have barely scratched the surface when it comes to my personal shame-pile. But while I may not have gotten all the AAA action I wanted, I still managed to fall in love with plenty of titles.

Here are my favourites.


It turns out if you want to get the LA-based musician Will Wiesenfeld, stage name Baths, talking about video games, you should ask him about Diablo 2. In video game circles he's known for the theme song for this summer's Dream Daddy, as well as the understated trailer music for Hyper Light Drifter's stunningly successful Kickstarter campaign. Listening to Baths' densely packed electronic music for the better part of five years, I never once imagined the person behind it hunched over a computer deciding which synergy of Barbarian abilities to pursue.


Dream Daddy is the latest unlikely hit rocketing up the Steam charts, a dating sim where you romance a neighbourhood block of improbably hot dads. I spoke to creators Leighton Grey and Vernon Shaw to find out more about how they struck a balance between humour and sincerity, criticism the game has faced since release, and what it means to be a dad. Also ska music.


In most dating sims, you can rest assured that if you pour time and effort into winning a character's affections, you'll have the option of ending up with them. In dad-tastic dating sim Dream Daddy, however, that's not always the case -- a fact that's made some players upset. I recently spoke with creators Leighton Grey and Vernon Shaw about that.


Dream Daddy, a popular new dating simulator in which you date hot dads, has a reputation for being a heartwarming game. But since its release, players have started wondering if there's something more sinister hiding beneath the original story, thanks to rumours of a "cult ending" that is allegedly hidden in the game's files.