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Starting with Super Smash Brothers: Brawl, if characters fell into bodies of water on certain stages, they had a few seconds to swim out before drowning. Being in the water doesn’t hurt, although if characters complete their drowning animation, they plummet to the bottom and die.

In Super Smash Brothers Ultimate, that’s all still the case, except now, there are four characters who accrue damage just from being in the water, even if they get out before drowning: Charizard, Incineroar, Inkling, and Sonic.


The wait was long and brutal, but it's finally over. Starting today, you can drown your Sims or order them to pee in the water to your heart's content. That's right: swimming pools are making their debut in The Sims 4 today. Right this very moment, actually, if all goes according to plan.